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Fun day along the Rivers!!!!


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Decided to fish the some fresh water today on my day off. Took my Kayak but never use it. Only fished with hip boots on.started the day out with a nice Largemouth in the D&R canal on my 2nd cast then fished a few spots along the Delaware and caught 7 smallmouth.  Next I fished the Musky and caught 21 trout to about 17". First 20 were bows and the last one was a Brown so I quit right after that. Was a good ending note. Fished only lures,no bait. 

Also I lost a striper on my trout rod on a 2" pin minnow. Was maybe 20" striper. All fish released to fight another day. 







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44 minutes ago, 3Blade said:

Nice variety!

You just needed to catch 30 more crayfish and you would of had a good meal:)

Yea you could probably get enough to eat if you try. The one rock looked good like I bet there would be crayfish under it and sure enough there was one. Only turned over 2 more rock but saw no more.

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2 minutes ago, rgw said:

nice going. i figured you would stop by for some smoked trout you wanted

You should have said some thing when I was up that way. I wasn't thinking about it. The sun was to damn hot on the Delaware so that's why I went trouting., hide from the sun under the trees.

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48 minutes ago, hemlock said:

Very nice john that's a great day on the rivers. And very cool you got a real nice sized rainbow and a nice brown. Awesome! 

Yeah the one was the only good one and the brown was nice to catch. They were not your size trout but still a good day of fun.

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