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Official NJ Woods & Water 2018 Adult Turkey Contest Winners and Prizes!


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Team Contest Winners:

Team 3 had a commanding lead for most of the season, but Team 5 made it interesting creeping up slowly and almost pulled off the upset with @Shootstraight's last day bird!  Congrats to Team 3 on their win, and to all the members who were able to get out there and chase those gobblers around! :up:


  • Donations:  $80
  • Donated Item:  Preacherman custom box call made with Snake wood and Apple box with ebony inlays.

Prize Distribution:

Team 3 (245.2500 points):

  • @B B with 53.5000 points wins $20 [AWARDED]
  • @Bone collector 85 with 66.5000 points wins the Preacherman custom box call made with Snake wood and Apple box with ebony inlays. [AWARDED]
  • @Cousin Brown: 59.7500 points wins $20 [AWARDED]
  • @Live to Hunt: 65.5000 points wins $20 [AWARDED]
  • @allmann: 0.0000 points wins $20 [AWARDED]


Individual Contest Winners:

We had a great competition this year with two members tying for 1st place!  As a result, they will split the 1st and 2nd place prizes evenly!  Congrats to all who participated and were successful!  :up:

Prizes:  $325

  • 1st Place: ~50%  ($160)
  • 2nd Place: ~33% ($110)
  • 3rd Place: ~17% ($55)

Prize Distribution:

  • 1st Place winner @LPJR with 70.0000 points wins $135 [AWARDED]
  • 1st Place winner @resquecfd with 70.0000 points wins $135 [AWARDED]
  • 3rd Place winner @Live to Hunt with 65.5000 points wins $55 [AWARDED]


Please PM me to collect your prizes! :up:

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