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WhitetailR SD Card Reader For Android Phone


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So two weeks ago my WhitetailR SD Card Reader broke and I called the company but they never got back to me, so I went & ordered from Amazon which came today. WhitetailR did finally contacted me a few days ago and informed me they have a Lifetime replacement, so I don't need two and selling the one I just got in today's mail from Amazon for $14.00 the price I paid for it, I haven't even opened the sealed package. Location is Southern Warren County, or Woodbridge/Rahway (Sunday thru Thursday)



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4 hours ago, mattg1500 said:

These things are awesome! I grab my card on my way to the stand sometimes and check the card while on stand.

I don't do that.....But I like to check my pictures while back at my truck, then of course I check again once home on a bigger screen.....I always replace with a fresh SD Card.....If anything is worth it I can send the pictures from my phone to my friend's phones.....Just a convenient tool to have

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