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Rusty's Playground/July Man Stuff Day/ July 14th

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imageproxy.php?img=&key=1413eee7e2c85685imageproxy.php?img=&key=1413eee7e2c85685Finally was able to get most of the remaining trees that fell down cut up and moved to the wood pile in the back. Will make the man stuff/bow shoot/homebrew/open grill day one weekend in July on a Saturday with a rain date for Sunday, as I am off most weekends in July. Pool will be open but Rusty can have fun in his playground if he wishes to.

**Date is set for July 14th, with a rain date for the 15th. **





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2 hours ago, Buck154 said:

Sounds good Lou but i only see enough wood for the first hour.

Also you will have to make sure Rusty will be OK with his OCD cause the wood is cut different lengths. They will never stack to his standards :shakehead:

Depending on the day if i can make it. Hopefully I can

Awesome. 1st hour?? I see a day at least John hahaha! 

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2 hours ago, Rusty said:

Ask Jack what happens when you don't have enough wood for us to split.  :D

Uh oh. Will do today. I was thinking that amount was way too much no joke.......Saved you some cherry rounds to have fun with actually Rusty...

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