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Whitetail'R Card Reader Company Backs Up .......


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Their Products with a lifetime replacement. 

So about two weeks ago the reader just wouldn't work I tried it with my daughter's phone as well, I called Whitetail'R twice and left voice mails and they never replied back, I was thinking they just didn't care. Got a voice mail today from the owner, informing they have a lifetime replacement and to mail it back to them and just put on the package "ATTENTION REPLACEMENT" the voice mail was entertaining yet professional.....His words "PUT THAT BROKEN CRITTER IN A PACKAGE, AND WE WILL SHIP OUT A NEW WORKING CRITTER TO YOU"

It's great to know how company's back up their products !!!

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1 minute ago, gobblergetter said:

They also sell a type c adapter for newer phones

When I bought my new phone, I thought I would need to buy a new reader but they had it covered.

I purchased on Ebay like 10 of those type "C" adapters for like $6.00 back in the November when I got my Samsung Note 8

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