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suggestions for boat rentals

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Myself, a friend of mine, and my dad are talking about renting a boat for some bay fishing down the shore one day this summer. Anyone have any recommendations for rental places?

Not sure what we want to rent, at this point, it's all talk right now :) But I want to see what's out there. I found one place (just by a Google Search) that rents 17' center console for less than $200 for 8 hours. Depending on price, might even think about getting one of those 20+ foot pontoon boats and maybe see if the wife and/or kids want to come. But, again, depends on price if I can afford it.

Anyway, if anyone has good experiences with any rental places (preferably Brigantine or south of that, but would consider anything at Long Branch or south of that), let me know.  Thanks.

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On 5/30/2018 at 8:26 PM, Swamprat said:

No Bones bait tackle. Wildwood. Fred is a great dude. Very informative. Will give you maps with good spots on it Since well as finding your way back. Lol. 


finding your way back is importante :)


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The only place I've rented from south of Atlantic Highlands is in Belmar at Fisherman's Den.  They are only 16' boats with 9.9HP engines though, and it's only for fishing Shark River/Inlet.  Not much of a bay there.  The fishing is definitely better up north in AH, if you are willing to make the trek, Schupp's is the place I've rented from a bunch of times.  They have various size boats around the price range you are looking.

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