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Muddy water Fluking


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Went out in the muddy water with my son and his friend on Monday.  The back bay looked really bad so I took a ride to the hook.  We had some decent fish in the 20" range, a bunch of shorts and plenty of robins.  I fished a bucktail with a Gulp mullet teaser and had some keepers on that and my son fished the same rig with Gulp Nemesis and did well.  We also got a keeper on a dead stick,  the biggest of course.  His friend got a bunch of shorts, but couldn't come up with any keeps.  No keepers were caught in water deeper than 18'.  Only snapped one crappy pic, but here it is.


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I have been surprised on the other end of the state at how long it's taken the South Branch Raritan River to clear up.  It's still running one tippet size off-color.  So there's your muddy fluke waters.  Should clear up in another day or so. 

We'll see.  Looks like more rain might be coming.

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