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Chipmunk infestation


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I have a chipmunk problem - burrow almost killed a vigourous tarragon plant in an old whiskey barrel and I now have a burrow in one of my raised beds.

While the dog would happily kill them - it wouldn't go well for the rest of the garden given his usual bull-in-a-china-shop approach.

Suggestions welcome.

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Same problem at my house.  Cannot remember seeing so many.  I thought about the .22, but where I live, I think its one of things were you eliminate one and two more take its place.  I fear for my tomatoes and cucumbers.  I am going to try the hot pepper spays that are sometimes used as  a deer deterrent.

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23 minutes ago, Mixbaghunter said:

Try I bucket with water and throw some seeds in it

 My father in law caught like 20 in one day.good luck

Similar Idea put almost at ground level with water Seeds & Peanut butter it sticks to flipper.  6 and counting :shock: Just drill insides must be balanced  


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I live just below the Watchung mountain,  never had chipmunks here till 3 years ago -- Those little bastards get into everything -- I'm finding they like to chew plastic, and the plastic of choice is my gas caps on my mower and log splitter 


I've only been able to get a few to enter a trap -- gotta find a better way

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