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custom activity streams no longer working

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I have a couple custom activity streams defined - one is my default that shows in the top right under the search (to the left of "Mark site read"). They both do not work anymore (they used to work up until a couple days ago). Now when I go to one of them (either clicking on the link or go to the drop down "My Activity Streams", it shows me no messages - the list is empty. But when I go to one of the default activity streams (like "Unread Content") I see messages in the list.

So it appears custom activity streams (at least my two) no longer work.

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Only thing I did was run a support tool that basically clears the software cache.  Not sure what else they might do under the covers.  Also possible the streams were rebuilding after the upgrade.  If you checked just after the upgrade they may have been blank.  

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I think it has to do with the stream's "Time Period" of "Since my last visit".

It doesn't seem to be working again, but it was working. Maybe the updated software calculates differently when "My last visit" was? If I change that filter away from "since my last visit" it appears to give me proper results. If I flip back to "Since my last visit" the list goes empty (and I purposefully did not click on the new threads/posts so I don't mark them as "read" so I should have unread messages "since my last visit"). 

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