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Nice RSP (Zone 3) Bobcat

Drop Tine

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Nice healthy looking Ringwood State Park Bobcat...






I love bobcats.... not so much in one of my my good hunting spots BUT still awesome to see them doing so well up north...

I just wish they fed on Coyotes LOL

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Best Bow Buck to date; 2011 Gross; 142 6/8
Best Gobbler to date; 2012 NWTF score of 77.5
Best Northern Pike to date; 40" (Passaic River Pike )
Best Muskie to date; (The hunt begins)

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Too bad these Maine released cats haven't interbred with cats from NY or PA yet.  One would think that would have happened to a strong degree, but as of the last DNA study of NJ bobcats, it had not.  That is one major reason they remain listed in NJ.  Once their genetics spread out (which is a good thing), then the Division will be more open to a limited season for them as their populations have expanded nicely in our state since the initial releases.

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