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My Hunting Rig is dialed in ready for the season.


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Well Gents, I've been tuning and dialing in broadheads the last couple weeks. Last night I grabbed my bow, walked out to the max yardage I can get in the back yard before having to go into the street and draw attension to my self. So I opened the gate enough so that I could get a 50 reading on my rangefinder. I get the 50 yard mark, pull out an arrow tiped with a Slick Trick 100 grain Magnum with the 1 1/8' cutting surface. Nock my arrow, aquire the target, settle the 50 yard pin in his face and wait for the shot to happen....................Bammmmmmm!!!!!!!!!






And this is the guilty party, my Bowtech Experience, set to 56lbs, 28" draw, 300 grain arrow. This is the fastest, most quiet, vibration free bow I've ever owned....







What will be hanging in your bow holder this season?????????????????????

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Thanks guys.


fyi: I do not intend to shoot deer at 50 yards, but I like to practice long range for the confidence factor. In fact most areas where I hunt, I try to set up for a 20-25 yard shot. I don't like the 0-15 yard shot because I feel they can hear me breathing ( doubt it.... But.... ) or the 25 yard + shot because there is so much that can change as distance gets greater.

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