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Camera stolen, but Still a Great Day!

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Hey ya'll! Okay, so today, I was going to retrieve three of my cameras, and set up some blinds. Spot number one, I had quite a few pictures. Good news! When I was on my way to spot number two, I spotted a spike on the side of the road feeding. It was about twelve P.M. Not ten feet of driving, I spotted a really nice buck, so I had to pull over, get out, and take a picture. It was staring at me, and didn't even mind! It did run back into the woods after some cars passed. I was tickled just knowing one of my cameras was a few hundred yards from him. I edited the pictures for better viewing ya'll!

image (3).jpgimage_1 (3).jpgimage_2 (2).jpg

Well, as I'm heading to my second spot, I'm obviously hoping to get a nice buck on camera. What do you know? It's gone. I know there are a lot of deer in that area, so I made a natural blind, hoping he won't be back, but if he is, he really has nothing to steal.
Hoping I got the buck you see above on camera, I go over to my third spot. Unfortunately, the camera was not working right, and did not take any pictures. It was working when I left!

When I got home, I raced upstairs to check the card. Here is what I got: Sorry for a lot of pictures ya'll! I'm excited!



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Some really nice pics there. It is unfortunate that some D-bag stole your cam. People that do this crap need a really good ground and pound or an appointment with gravity and blunt instrument. They have no respect for you or your time and effort. I had gear stolen a few years ago. Confronted the POS and like a coward that he is he denied it. The police told me that since I did not mark my gear with something unique to me and that the gear is common place, they could do nothing more that take my report. F&G told me that there were similar thefts in my area.... Joy Joy..


Heads up guys, engrave your gear with your name or partial social..


Good luck this season.



Not trying to give up your spots but what zone are you in? Maybe somebody knows someone who might know someone.....

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