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March 2018 Tiger Junior Compound Bow Giveaway - Winner is Booner!

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Attention all youths!!!  Thanks to another generous donation from site moderator @LPJRwe have another great Giveaway here on NJ Woods & Water!
Up for grabs for absolutely FREE is a brand new Tiger Junior Compound Bow, perfect to get a kid started in the world of archery! :up:
Huge thanks to @LPJR for continuing to get youths more involved and donating another great prize!   :up:   :up:   :up:
This Giveaway entry period will expire on Wednesday 03/28/2018 9:00PM EST
- All entries are FREE!
One (1) entry per member
- Member entering must be a site member at the start of the Giveaway and have at least 50 contributing posts
One (1) winner will be selected using Random Result with a link provided to the results! 

How To Enter:
Simply respond to this topic and say you're in!   :up:
Once the entry period ends, I'll gather all the entries and use the Random Result site mentioned above to pick a winner!   :up:
How To Claim Your Prize:
Winner will PM @LPJR to coordinate shipping!   :up:
Prize Description:

(1) Brand new Tiger Junior Compound Bow

- 10 lb draw weight-easy to shoot

- For youths ages 6+

- "Tiger Eye" shoot through riser for left and right handed archers

- Can use any arrow

- Fiberglass limbs

- $60.00 value

- Shipping costs to be covered by LPJR 

Product images:










  1. P&Y BUCK
  2. allmann
  3. Bonefreak
  4. Devil Horns
  5. GunDogs
  6. Booner
  7. Farmshine
  8. mattg1500



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7 hours ago, Russ 11 said:

I wanna know where you found that shed .  Good stuff LPJR ! 

Lol thanks Russ! The story with that antler is it was given to me with the other side from a guy who owned a deer preserve years ago...I did a skull mount for him in exchange for the antlers as they were giant and awesome. He raised deer and sold the sperm of his top bucks to other deer farms in the Midwest. One of his 1.5 year old bucks on the farm  was a legitimate 120" buck that appeared to be a 2.5 or older..

Edited by LPJR
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