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To all my hunting friends, I have gotten some calls and messages from folks telling me that they are having a hard time finding our Dead Ringer Hunting products in their local sporting good stores. This has been especially true when it comes to our new line of broad heads called Rampage and Trauma. Try as we may, it is nearly impossible to get into every sporting goods store. With your help we can do better. If you have asked for our products and your local sporting goods store does not carry Dead Ringer Hunting products, please ask them to do so. Stop in or call these stores and tell them you have been seeing our advertisements on the Outdoor, Sportsman, and Pursuit channels and you want to be able to purchase them at your local store. Our goal at Dead Ringer Hunting is to have our high quality products in every sporting goods store around the country. With a little help from folks like you, we can get closer to this goal much faster.  Thanks for all your help and support. Everyone at Dead Ringer Hunting wishes you all the best as the 2013 hunting season approaches.  We hope that you will allow us to help you in taking the trophies of your dreams. Please remember as you go afield this new season, be safe and good hunting!



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Found the Rampage 2 & 3 blade in the Lumberton Walmart . But they were in a different package from what I've seen advertised they were in a clear plastic box. Any way i picked up a pack of the 3's 100grns 1.5" cut . These things fly great n exactly like my fp ! Can't wait to try'm in Sept.

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