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got my first (and second) crow!

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First time successes have piled up for me this hunting season. I didn't want it to end, so I decided to keep trying my hand at crow hunting. Some of you read about my previous flirtations with these things. I've come to realize these are some strong and smart birds. But, long story short, after a bunch of trial and error, I did finally manage to bag my first (and second) crow this morning!  :D Pix below.


While trying to decide where to go, I figured I didn't want to hit the same spots I've been hunting them the last couple weeks because I think they are onto me... these are crafty birds! So I decided to try a completely different place where I haven't hunted them before. I had no idea if they would be there, but crows are all over the place down here, so I figured give it a shot and see if I can call some in.


I drove out to this spot which is on some public land just as first light was peeking through the horizon. I get to the spot I wanted to try - it's a large field with some hedgerows and woods along the one side. I parked the truck about 100 yards further up (God knows if these birds can bust you by recognizing a truck nearby!! I made sure to park it out of the way and under a tree canopy). I walk to the spot where I want to set up and there were hundreds of those tweety birds flocked in this hedgerow and the field in front of me - they were making such a racket that was so loud I wasn't sure if my FoxPro was going to be loud enough to overcome it.  :angry:


I hung three of my Boondocker Flocker crow decoys about 4 or 5 feet up in the bushes, and put my other three on the ground. (BTW: if you are or want to get into crow hunting, I highly recommend those decoys - I've tried hunting without decoys and I just don't attract the attention that I do when I put these decoys out). Hung up the FoxPro in the bushes then went over and hid inside the woodline about 30 yards away. Not wanting to make the same mistake I made in the past, I made sure I got inside those woods and hide well. It is harder to get a shot off when you have the canopy over your head, but if you are not well-hidden these birds are going to pick you out and bolt.


Turn the FoxPro on and those [email protected]$% tweety birds are still there (couldn't even scare them away when I was setting up the decoys) - they are so loud I need to put the speaker on full volume just for me to hear it well at 30 yards away. Crossed my mind to shoot a couple just out of spite!  :letsparty: Of course, I didn't though. I thought it was funny, though, that Crow Fight and Dying Crow sounds didn't bother these tweety birds at all - you would think hearing fighting crows and then a dying crow would scare them away, but nope - they just kept on doing their thing, chirping away the whole time.


Anyway, after 20 minutes I was getting frustrated, not thinking the caller was being heard. I took out my manual call and blew some loud calls with that to accompany the FoxPro. Sure enough, after another 10 minutes or so I had my first group of crows check out what all the commotion was about!


These crows actually were coming in lower than what I've normally seen - but still up high. Picked out an open spot in the canopy over head and took the shot and down the crow went with a crash into the bushes where I had hung up my decoys! Perfect shot with the 3" #6. After that first group left, another 5 or 10 minutes passed and another small group came in. Once again, took a perfect shot and my second crow fell with a loud thud on the field just on the other side of those bushes - that was a longer shot than I was anticipating taking - probably 40 yards.


This time the crows didn't get up and vanish on me. But! Crazy enough, they were still alive! :shock: Shot with 3" #6, fell out of the sky from about 30 feet up, and landed hard, and still alive. Amazing creatures. For sure, I will never hunt crow again with those 2 3/4 #7.5 target loads - lesson learned from the best teacher, experience. If anything, next time I might move up to #5s.


Well, after dispatching them quickly, I decided that was good enough - God blessed me with another successful hunt on a beautiful morning. Decided to pack up and head home. I don't think the hunt lasted more than 45 minutes - when the crows come, things happen very fast, and ends just as fast.


Hunting seasons are winding down - one more week left of crow and predator, and then it's that loooong wait until spring turkey! But I'm not done yet - I might continue to try to get my first yote or fox.  :loco:


Here's the pix. Before packing up, I took a picture of my setup and the crows. After cleaning, here's what the breasts look like. Honestly, the breasts look really healthy, good color, and didn't notice any bad smell (hardly any smell at all, to be honest). I'm looking forward to trying these - gonna brine for a bit, then marinate in BBQ sauce and cook them up with some onion.


Oh, and look at those crow feet - they have what looks like armor plates on their toes! No wonder it's hard to shoot them down - they literally have armor on!! Look at the claws on these birds, too. Things look like they belong on a dragon!!







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Good job! Crow hunting is a blast, I go as often as I can. Just remember, if you shoot one, don’t give up on that group, nothing pisses crows off more that a dying crow by your caller. They are amazing birds, they are one of my favorites to hunt.

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I am curious how they taste also

Not the greatest. I know from experience



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Waste not, want not!  :happy:  I hear alot of people make jokes or go "eeewwww" just at the thought of eating crow (even the wife told me when I got home, "I am NOT eating that") --- but how many people have ACTUALLY tried it? I, myself, have not, so I have no idea what it tastes like. So I want a first-hand experience to know whether they are good or not. As my parents told me (and as I tell my kids), how do you know you won't like it if you've never tried it? :)


I'll try to remember to post the results after I try it  :cook:


Right now I have them in the brine. I'm gonna try the crowbuster's receipt "BBQ Crow" from here: http://www.crowbusters.com/recipes.html - after brining gotta marinate in the bbq sauce for a bit.


As you see the way I cleaned them - I cut out the entire chest by putting my fingers under the lower breast bone and just pull up taking both breasts with the breast bones keeping it all intact and saving the most meat. But with that, not sure of the best way to cook it - recipe says cook in a skillet, but I think if I leave it on the bone perhaps baking in the oven would be better?


There isn't enough meat here that is going to make a full dinner - but I'm in experiment mode anyway so I might cook one on the skillet after cutting the breasts off the bone, and then one in the oven while still on the bone and just see how they both come out.  :bulb:  :tooth:

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John, I hope these crows taste better then that first one. LOL. You do have the adventures. But you have a load of fun and that is what is all about.

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