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Coyote Snaring -Tips?


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Well pretty much any tricks.


A few days ago when we had snow on the ground I set a few snairs out. It was nice in the snow because of the tracks. I had a few carcasses set out and placed snairs on both sides. These are on old fire lines. So far nothing but I understand they can take a while to make their rounds. This tatic has worked in the past but there must be a better way

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Well I max my snairs to the second loop stop. So I'm guessing I'm in the right area.


I also like to have a branch or limb over top of the snair. Seems to do a good job at keeping deer from knocking them over

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Anchor VERY WELL !

Eastern Coyotes are tuff critters


Funny you say that. Not about a coyote but about a fox. We were doing a couple small pushes a few weeks ago on private property and we walked up on a fox running with a snare hooked to his leg but it must of came un-anchored from the ground i assume? It was running slow and kept stopping. We called the guy who traps the farm and he said he would be there in an hour. We couldnt get that close to it because it kep running away from us. Is that common or does that happen because of a bad anchor?

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Should have shot it. It happens but not often.


We were gonna but the guy who traps the farm was on his way right after we called him. He wound up getting there and dispatching it. I didnt want to put a round of buck shot in it if hes selling the hide. If he wasnt gonna come that day i would of shot it

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