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Car/Deer Collision Map


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What I don't understand is that there are more collisions in Pa than Jersey. Everyone I talk to complain about not seeing deer. Even on the huntingnet site.. I worked there last  year and from the roof I could see deer feeding in the woods and filtering through all day long through the patches between the houses. State land was only a mile away, same as here.  Had a chance to buy the place, after it ws sold he told me the contents  went with it. I  wish he would have told me that when I was there. We both lost out.

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That map is very general.  If you notice, it treats entire states the same way.  We all know there are spots in every state with WAY too many deer and others with WAY too few.  I do know that PA's deer herd is far lower than it once was and the decision to bring it down factored in deer/car collisions, forest health, and age class of bucks.  I travel enough and have throughout my life.  I can't think of any other state with the # of deer hit by cars and trucks as right here in NJ.  Hard to know the data that went into that map.

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:hmmmer: ...Interesting.. I find it hard to believe NJ is only a medium risk vs. some of those other states... I'm sure if they broke it down to counties rather than states you would get a much different picture... :cupcoffee:


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