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The good ol days

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So I’m helping my mom go through a lot of boxes and albums and such for this ancestry.com thing she’s doing. I came across this gem from 1952 that was mixed in with my grandfathers football and mason stuff. Pretty neat to see the regulations and the pledge that was on the cover. Thought I’d share.



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The bag limit for deer seems to have changed slightly :rofl:


That was the biggest thing that hit me when I read that! "One deer a year"...


Hey, though, we have limits now... we are no longer unlimited. It's only 9 a year season, buddy, and not one deer more!

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Check it out - https://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/000053539


You can see the game laws back to 1906! Earliest compendium is 1960 but looks similar.


Look at around page 3 in the 1906 law book under the section "What is Always Unlawful":


   "To hunt or kill deer at any time.  Fine $100"


WOW! No deer hunting at all. And $100 - that was a HUGE amount back then.


Page 31 or so says it is a 3-year moritorium on deer hunting. Thereafter, hunting deer was only allowed every Wednesday in  November.



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