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Less Eggs--More money


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This is the reply I got from Mike's Atlas on their recent changes to their product.


We can understand your frustration with smaller jar size and quantity - same price. Unfortunately - we had little choice. The availability of raw salmon eggs has been decreasing for many years. Chinook plants in Lake Michigan are down 85% since 1989 and Lake Ontario has reduced plants 20% – see attached chart. West coast salmon fisheries are also on the decline and most available eggs are going to the caviar market at extremely high prices. If we did not make a change to smaller jars, we would have had to increase prices significantly and also face the possibility of a shortage. Smaller jar size allows us to maintain price and ensure the greatest number of our customers a steady supply of salmon eggs. We will continue looking for better sources of supply in an effort to supply all our customers' needs at reasonable prices.
Salmon eggs are still an excellent value. Mike's 1000 Shrimp and other styles salmon eggs still offer approximately 70 eggs in the new 1.1 oz. jar size.
Thank you for taking time to express your concerns. I hope you can understand our situation and see that we are not being greedy, but are reacting to an unfortunate situation. Atlas-Mike’s has been family owned and operated since 1980 and this has been a very difficult time. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.
Thank you,
Kaitlyn Bergin
Atlas-Mike’s Bait, Inc.
P: 920-563-2046
F: 920-563-7207
Celebrating 80 years of providing quality products for Trout, Salmon and Steelhead anglers worldwide!


DATE:  October 26, 2016
SUBJECT:  Jar size change – 1.6 oz. to 1.1 oz. - Mike’s Salmon Eggs & Atlas Big Boy Salmon Eggs
We have been in the Salmon Egg business since 1980, and have seen many ups and downs in the availability and price of raw salmon eggs.  We acquire salmon eggs in many different parts of the country, and have developed strong relationships to help ensure a steady supply of eggs.  However, salmon eggs are a natural resource, and our options for obtaining them are limited.
Over the last few years, a poor salmon return, coupled with a reduction in the number of salmon plants in the re-stocking programs, has made getting the salmon eggs we need more difficult and more expensive.  (See chart referencing Chinook Salmon Plants in Lake Michigan.)  During the last 3 years, we have seen the worst salmon egg harvests ever.  This has resulted in our egg inventory being very low.  The salmon egg shortage cannot be overstated.  Salmon eggs are a commodity over which we have no control.   Along with the current salmon egg shortage and a doubtful improvement in short term salmon stocking/returns, we believe reducing the jar size is the best option moving forward.  We are confident that making this change will enable Atlas-Mike’s to best meet your 2017 salmon egg needs.
 A couple of important facts to remember:
 The new jar size has approximately 75 eggs per jar…still an excellent value for anglers.  The new jar size is already accepted in the market place.  Except for the Big Boy Egg, all Atlas   and Siberian Salmon Eggs have been sold in a 1.1 oz. jar since 2009.   Most of our competitor’s Salmon Eggs are sold in a 1 oz. jar.
We appreciate your understanding and continued support.  Please call me if you have any questions.


Best regards,

Atlas-Mike’s Bait, Inc.
Tom Vander Mause

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Switch to fly fishing and tie all the egg patterns you will ever need in a lifetime for about $30 worth of hooks and material and you'll catch just as many trout  ;)


Better yet use Beads no fuss Cheaper and More Natural.  Come in many sizes and Colors. 


They are the answer in Alaska for Fly Fishing  Number 8 Bare Circle hook 5 in of Leader add The Bead and again another 5 to Splitshot to the main line That is the Rig used for the Trout in AK.  :up:


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You do know there are some serious egg rollers out there. This was for them


Switch to fly fishing and tie all the egg patterns you will ever need in a lifetime for about $30 worth of hooks and material and you'll catch just as many trout  ;)

As soon as I can get around a bit better I'll be looking you up, Brian...

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