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New bucks on cam


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So apparently Feb 1st was the day.. I don't even know if zone 5 was open that day tho. I never looked because I quit hunting zone 5 after I killed my last bow buck in the rut..


Jack.. this one buck must be the son or brother of that one I almost hit in the road that was killed next to your spot.. has the same uncommon mule deer split g2s..Screenshot_20180224-121543.pngScreenshot_20180224-121607.pngScreenshot_20180224-121631.pngScreenshot_20180224-121634.pngScreenshot_20180224-121628.png


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Little tip....Put Buck154 out looking for the sheds. He will undoubtedly come up with one or both sides. He will walk for 7-10 miles at a time. Machine!


Cool. Still a lot holding in some areas. I took today off from walking...tired from the 8.5 miles yesterday

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According to the photo .. he came from the spot you killed your buck .. this guy was probably right behind him when you shot lol


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He was definitely part of a bachelor group that morning, very possible

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