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30 days left in NJ


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Well? I have 30 days left till I move to Florida! I start in Clearwater MarineMax March 30th, I leave NJ on the 24th been slowly packing in between work, got my tax refund and my first paycheck yesterday, so I'm doing good, thanks again to all of you that helped me get to this point!! I know I would not have made it this far without all your help. My sister and brother in law stepped up and offered me a bedroom that is not in use for as long as I need it, that's huge, it'll help knock back some debt, even pay some smaller ones off altogether, the mad scramble to get the lawsuit matters handled before I leave is on, two doctor visits and a deposition, hoping I can get this all done so I don't have to fly back. My life is stupid busy now!! Lol


My Dad has been asking me to move down for years, and I'm the only one in my immediate family still here, and I've been thinking about for sometime, so I took a shot and asked for a transfer, and got it! Apartments in the area start at 7-800 per month, a monthly savings over 400 plus a month over what I'm paying now, plus the savings in just commute cost, I pay roughly 5-600 a month just in gas. It could mean a 1,000 dollar a month savings!! I'll be taking a small pay cut, but an adjustment to the federal deductions will have me bringing home the same money I do here.


Plus the work is year round full time, no more winter lay off's and scraping by for two to three months.


Not to mention the fishing and crabbing!!, but I'll have to figure out the hunting regs and maybe if it all goes well I can get out and do some hunting next year.

Hunt with a Vizsla, cause life's to short to hunt with an ugly dog! :D RIP Tilly monster. (Attila) 2004-2017.

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