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Time we ban basketball


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I think it's time we regulate or possibly ban the sport of basketball.


Why, you may ask? Well my son has torn his ACL 3 times playing this sport, so clearly it's very dangerous.


I don't care that millions may play and enjoy the sport safely, and I don't care that  banning or heavily regulating might infringe upon their freedom to play the sport they love....



So if we can save just one knee in the process, I think it's better we just ban the sport completely.



​This is sound logic - right?

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Well, I don't know if you thought this thru completely. Maybe it is not the sport of Basket Ball or the actual Basket Ball that was the cause of your son's injury, Maybe it was the wood floor he was playing on, so lets ban Wood Floors.  (I know this all started as a joke, but I think some will take it to seriously, lets keep it as it was intended)

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Having torn mine twice now I’ll say this...I played 3 sports in high school, 4 years of football in college, and men’s league baseball since. Both of my blow outs occurred after college when I wasn’t on the squat rack enough getting my legs strong. You’re body’s first line of protection for your ligaments is the muscles that support the joints. This goes for everyone, if you wanna push it in sports, push it in the gym as well. Otherwise you’ll be laid up for a long time...

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