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RH Mathews Switchback for sale

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Selling my right handed Mathews Switchback - everything together to get you started:

26 inch draw length

50-60 pound draw weight (set at 58 right now)

Copper John 3 pin fiber optic sight

Rip Cord drop away rest

Fuse stabilizer

Kwikee Quiver

6 Beeman ICS Hunter 400 arrows with 100gr field tips (I only show 2 in the pics but are including a half dozen)

One hard case to hold eveything plus extra accessories

....a few other accessories too: strings and cables from last replacement (I always save one set just in case of emergency during hunting season), limb savers string leeches, grim reaper broad heads


Long story short - I bought a new bow but also switched hands- went Left handed due to eye dominance and some other factors. So, therefore I have a whole new setup and won't need this any more.


It is a great bow and has killed many deer over the years.


Located in Howell, Monmouth County - will meet at reasonable distance


For the whole Kit and Kaboodle asking $400 or make offer. Sorry, no trades.


PM if interested


Thank you



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Great bow to start practicing with to get ready for the season.


If interested make a reasonable offer.

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