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Trail Cam recommendations

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I'm in the market for a couple trail cams. The last time I owned trail cams was over 5 yeards ago and I see by looking in the various catalogs that technology has made them smaller and more effeicient.


1. I'm looking for small sized cams that use AA batteries

2. IR

3. as theft proof as possibe.


I've narrowed it down to the Bushnell and Primos series of cams because I've seen a few deals on these brands on Natchez that are refurbs at decent prices.


My question is which brand is better that the other as far as battery life, pic quality, IR quality.


Recommend away.................



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Wildgame innovations. Been using them for he last few years, never had a problem. Great battery life & they come in flash, ir or blackout. Dicks carries them and have pretty good prices on them.

Treestands don't demand, treestands don't complain, treestands simply ask me to sit down and listen. :cheers:

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I think those camlockboxes are the ones I use with my Bushnells.  Pretty solid, but like all things if someone wants it bad enough, they'll find a way to get it.

I haven't used anything but home brews and the Bushnells, and have sound the bushnells to be very slow compared to homebrews, making them suitable for bait setups but not perpendicular to trails.

Also their IR tends to blur a lot at night, but their daytime color pics are very good.

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There's no such thing as theft proof.  You can do lots of things to minimize theft or to slow down thieves, but if they want it, they'll get it.  Too many hunters place a trail cam by their stands that they leave in the woods or over a bait pile.  You may as well just place a sign that reads: "free stuff" :) 


Most newer cams are IR and a lot smaller than just a few years ago.  I have one by Bushnell and another by Stealth Cam.  I've done same tree comparisons and found them more or less the same and battery life is very good these days regardless of model (some are better than others, obviously).  Remember, you're not looking for proffessional photographs, just a decent image and even the cheap ones give you that.  My advice is don't spend big bucks like you might on other gear, because if it gets stolen, you'll be out a ton of $$.  

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I agree if these scumbags want your cam no matter what you do to secure it they will get it !!!! I have a Moultrie I40 out for the last few years, she is going to go to the grave soon. I have two 2010 Bushnell Trophy Cams, I have yet to use and I will use them soon. Also you can find some good cams on sale, no need to spend a ton of your $$$

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Thanks everone for the suggestions :up:


BHC, thanks for the links. :up:  :up:


The Bushnells get a better review over the Primos. Probably gonna pick up a couple of the Demo Bushnell 8mp cams. They have been upgraded from 24 to 32 night-vision LEDs for improved image quality after dark and are on sale for $69.99 if you buy two or more.

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