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Finally Got the Kayak Out This Year

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Been so busy at work haven't had time to fish out of the kayak. Well this week finally got it cleaned up and on the truck. Started out Wednesday after work met up with a friend and fluke fished the Manasquan. We put in at a secret spot I know of in Brielle and paddled out to the 35 bridge. We manage to make a few drifts and each boated a keeper and some shorts bouncing spro jigs in the channel. My keeper was a nice fat 19" fish. We were going to do another drift but noticed the sky starting to get dark on the horizon so decided to head back to the launch. On the paddle in we saw some bait spraying on the surface and went over to see what was chasing them. We thought is was small blues but were suprised to see it was small weekies. I put on a finess fish and started to catch and release about 2 dozen fish in the 12" to 15" size.


Today I headed down to IBSP to do some clamming. Got to the launch at first light to a nice rain. Figured I was going to get wet anyway so launched and headed out to my favorite spot near the clam ranch trailer. Started to rake and was please to hear the clink of the rake hitting clams in the sand. took about 2 hour to get my limit of 150 and headed in. One thing I did notice today was the lack of crabs on the flats I usually see hundreds and today saw none. I think Sandy did a number on the barnegat bay crab population.


Tonights dinner will be Clams on the half shell, Clams Casino, Fluke fillet, homemade Mac & cheese and coleslaw..mmm!


Only took a couple pictures the camera kept messing up and had to keep removing the batteries to get it to work that is why the date time stamp is diffrent on the pics




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