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What Brand Of Scope Do You Like Best?


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For me overall it would be the Leupolds, I own a few VX-II 3-9x40, and one VX-III 3.5-10x50, I also have a West German made Zeiss Diavari C 3-9x36, a Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 (waiting to be mounted on something) and a Bushnell Trophy XLT 3-9x40 not use much at all.


Today's scopes are all good and better from years ago,  with all the competion from one maker to another they have to be. It doesn't matter much what brand you own, of course some are better then others, as long as the scope is trouble free, and/or the company backs up their product your really can't make a bad choice. Leupold has great customer service they back up their scopes no matter how old the scope is or if you purchased new or used !!!


Also, I'm not a believer of the "SHOTGUN" made scopes, reason is the "SHOTGUN" scopes are Parallax to 75 yds., today's high tech slugs and shotguns allow us to reach well over the 100 yrd mark, in some cases 200 yds., therefore I always used a riflescope. In some cases the scopes with the BDC have come along way, and seem to be better over the years.


This is just my opinion

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Leupold ... I have a few as well, never a dull moment, no pun intended.

They make great bino's as well.

Customer service is second to none.

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Have like 8 Leupolds one Zeise conquest and like both but I am putting a Nightforce on my F Class gun that i am waiting on parts for.I had one and sold it with the gun and its the cleares scope you will ever look through i would put it up against any scope on the market even US optics.Now with the zero stop feature its iceing on the cake.

Hunting and fishing is not a sport to me its a way of life:rock:

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I use:






Rifles - Zeiss, I have 2 and will highly recommend spending the money. You will never regret it. Why buy a great rifle, sometimes pay to hunt, and then purchase a good but not great scope? Spend the money. More light, more clarity, just all around the best.

Muzzle Loader - Leupold - use the rifleman scope and is works great

Slug gun and .22's - Nikon - holds up, inexpensive, and works well

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