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Macro photos from the Nikon AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED

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For the fellow photographers out there, I got a new lens recently and gave it a little trial tonight amidst the fading light.

Learned a lot, have a few things in mind to try on the next session to see if I can improve on the sharpness and quality!

Just thought I'd share a few from the session!  :up:



























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Shooting in manual, so choosing everything.

These are 1600 ISO, no real visible noise until you start cropping in on the full resolution image.

Definitely will be shooting lower ISO in better light conditions.

These were also shot freehand in pretty non-ideal (breezy) conditions, so that's why I bumped the ISO to get faster shutter speeds. :up:

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I don't normally bring this camera out on the ocean...fishing on the ocean tends not to be all that "gentle" haha

Yeah this camera body is tremendous at high ISO...3200 even looks good, but you do start to notice a little grain there.

I've always wanted a macro lens as well, just all around fun to play with...and you never have to go very far to get interesting photos...heck all of those were shot within 15 feet of my front door! :)

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