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Store Refused To Sell Me My 2013/14 Rifle Permit


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The other day I saw on the Fish & Game web page that the new rifle permits are for sale. Today I found myself near the store so I went in to purchase said permit, they refused to sell it to me, telling me it won't be up for sale until July 1st, I showed them on my phone the web page and the girl was not interested and told me to buy it from the web page. I called the state up asking if it's just for sale early on-line and they told me "NO", I didn't complain to the girl in the store nor did I complain to the state, they did ask me the name of the store but I didn't give that info out.

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Well it's a store I only deal with for licenses and permits, and it's local to me. But I know what your saying!!! It's not any of the stores in my old neck of the woods, same as you deal with in the Bergen County area

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