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Had the Smoker going all day today

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Started up the smoker at 5;00am this morning. Did a whole chicken, Turkey breast, Pastrami and Beef Brisket. Started my prep work yesterday morning by dry rubbing the brisket and pastrami and wrapping in plastic wrap, then put in fridge till this morning. Then I took the chicken and turkey and put them in a brine solution till this morning. The first thing I did this morning at 4:00am was drain the turkey breast and whole chicken and rinsed under cold water. Next was pat dry and I injected a creole butter into both. Next step was to put oil on the skin and apply dry rub, then I put into a smoke net. While I was working on the poultry I took the pastrami and brisket out of the fridge to start coming up in temp, also started smoker to warm up. Then I placed everything in the smoker and raised the temp to 200 and kept it there with dampers wide open for 1 hour to dry meat. then I closed damper to 1/4" and started a heavy smoke for 1 hour at 250f. reduced the smoke and continued to smoke, the chicken and turkey breast took 5 1/2 hours till internal temp hit 170F the pastrami took 4 1/2 hours till internal temp hit 160F. Brisket is done with smoke but still needs 3 hours wrapped in aluminum at 250f to be done! When the pastrami, chicken and turkey were removed from the smoker I wrapped in aluminum foil and let rest for 1 hour now the pastrami is sliced and turkey and chicken are in fridge cooling. Here are some pics of the process and I'll and more as things get done!

turkey breast and whole chicken ready for smoker




brisket and pastrami ready for smoker




first hour applied heavy smoke




Pastrami done and sliced



Chicken Done



Turkey done





"Don't forget that you're First Marines! Not all the Communists in hell can overrun you!" - Chesty Puller

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Enjoy your posts. Always can grab a bit of info that I didn't know. Your never to old to learn, if only the children could realize learning is fun and functional.  But then again I always enjoyed history and still do. Just never made any $ off it, Yet. Ps. looks like you trimmed all the fat off that beef before smoking. Been thinking of doing turkey but never though of the netting. I have it but is it needed?

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How did the brisket turn out? 

Brisket came out great for my first attempt at one. Sorry didn't take anymore pictures as once the brisket got finished I got a call to go somewhere so I quickly sliced it up and put in Homemade BBQ sauce and put in a tray. I'll bring everything but the chicken and pastrami out to my club on Thursday.The chicken was awesome and will be tonights dinner :up:

"Don't forget that you're First Marines! Not all the Communists in hell can overrun you!" - Chesty Puller

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