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BuckScore.com Scored My Buck


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I sent in a few pictures of my 4 best bucks, and few trail cam pictures to have them scored, so far I got one score back today. This buck I took a few years ago in Illinois with my H&R Ultra Deluxe 20ga. shotgun. Now I had it scored by two people and they aren't certified scorers but they each came out with a rough score of 130", but this is the second time that buckscore.com measured this buck and it came out with roughly the same score.  I'm not sure how accurate buckscore.com is, but it's telling me two times the score is 20 plus inches bigger then the two scores I got from two people measuring it .The link just above the picture is the link for the score sheet.




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Joe I have to disagree with you on BuckScore.  BuckScore was not developed to score mounted deer or taxidermy. It is a tool for you to get a measurement on the deer showing up on your trail camera. They took measurements from deer harvested all over the country and entered them in a data base at the MSU deer lab.  BuckScore uses three features to measure whitetails,

ear width, eyeball to eyeball width and eye width. All of these angles could be affected or changed on a deer that has been mounted. If you look at the National Deer Contest page the Fletcher Culpepper buck from GA measured 231.78" it green scored 233 2/8" not bad for a computer program. After measuring  a lot of photos for the National Deer Contest I believe in  the BuckScore software. I harvested a nice 9 pointer in 2011 Buckscore score was 101 1/8 and it tapped at 100". Get one of the bucks on that trail camera and we can compare BuckScore to the tape. Its usually with in 2.5% if measured correctly..



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Mike, I know what your saying the program just doesn't measure the antlers it takes other things into account even the area the deer was taken in. I also read on-line that there could be up to a 15% difference in scores from hand measures to buckscore.com measures. I never read about live deer scores versus mounted deer scores. But like you I did have one deer score at 120" buckscore.com scored it 121", but the others are just way to off. Still waiting on two more scores these are trail cam pictures

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