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Ozonics - Report from a friend on the Mossy Oak staff

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So I talked with my buddy DJ from out in North Dakota tonight and he was telling me about a trip he had to visit the Mossy Oak HQ recently.

During the visit, various product companies gave some demos on their products for the Mossy Oak staff to give a try.

One of the more interesting ones he described, which is one we've all heard of before, is Ozonics.





He said, basically all of the Mossy Oak staff were skeptics when the president of Ozonics came in...I think he even joked around saying the "snake ointment salesman is here!" :)

But then came a story of how Ozonics all got started, the inception of the product and the source of its initial use (which was really dentistry).

He even told them about how the US government came to visit him and his company during the product approval stage and tested it with various drugs and their DEA dogs...all of which failed to detect the drugs in an Ozonics environment.

I know Will (ShootStraight) has long been a supporter of Ozonics, and like many I've been guilty of being a skeptic myself...but after hearing the story from my friend coming right from the president of the company, I'm certainly rather fascinated and am looking forward to hearing from him as he tests one of the Ozonic devices out in North Dakota. :up:


Anyone else have any direct experiences using one?












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I was just looking at them.  Price is pretty steep.  I still have a lot of tweaks that I can do prior to dropping $399 on something like this.  I get the science behind it, but I'm hesitant to part with the cash just yet.

Sapere aude.


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The price is a bit much when you see the same type of generators out there for a lot less. Although they are not battery operated how much of a difference in cost to mfg be?


Here is one that will clear the odor out of 270 sq ft.  for $100



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The potential health risk is what keeps me from trying one. If I KNEW it was 100% safe without a doubt, I'd own it. But there is risk of respiratory problems if exposed to too much ozone. After all my problems a little over a year ago, I still have some problems with breathing and wouldn't want to further exacerbate the issues. That's the only thing that worries me about it.

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