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Life Insurance


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Anyone have a 65-life or 90-life insurance from Northwestern Mutual?



When you go and sit down with them, the number they throw at you look really good


But they can't exactly tell you it's a scam


Looking for any advise

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I can see you know nothing about either of the life insurance policies listed above.


This post had nothing to do with whether or not life products are legitimate...


It is asking about the 2 services offer by northwestern mutual and how close their projected values for te future are.


Ie; someone who has one of these policies please put input

And the Njhunter axiom is striking already

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Hey man, i was just trying to help.. You said NOTHING about "projected Values" in your OP.. Seemed like you just wanted to know if you were being scamed.. My answer was basically NO.. The Policies are ligit..


Axiom = Licensed Independent Ins. Agent.. Life/Health...:thumb_up:

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Well now. If you we're going to choose a company for a life instance policy what one would you choose? Not term. Also with the policies listed above "dividends" are paid. Do other companies offer this?

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"If you we're going to choose a company for a life instance policy what one would you choose"


Though TV comercials tell you otherwise, IMO there is not ONE that stands out above the rest.. There are alot of variables i.e. age, sex, weight, health issues and finacial limitations as far as your ability to pay the premiums and what your Long term goals may be..etc etc and so the best company to deal with would be the one that best suits your needs for the best price.. And no not all Policies pay a dividend but its nothing new and a bunch of companies offer more or less the same thing.. I dont know how old you are but me and my wife deal mostly with senior citizens or those approaching retirement. If you fit into that catagory ( or even if you dont ) i would be more than happy to send my wife over to your house and yous can go over your needs and see if we can help in any way.. up to you...:callme:

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