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Death could happen pretty fast.


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Stopped by to visit my mom after a morning hunt on Monday. My brother stopped by too. We were talking in the kitchen.... I got up to go pee.


As I was peeing I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest and then I started losing consciousness. I could tell what was coming, I've lost consciousness before just like this. Started losing vision...but thought I could fight it off. Holding the wall as I was peeing thinking....Got to keep it together, then I can sit down.


Guess I didn't keep it together because the next thing I know I hear my brother yelling. Sounded like he was down a really long hallway. I honestly thought I was in bed and felt so wonderfully comfortable....He was beginning to piss me off. As I could hear him yelling....I was wondering why my brother was at my house and what the hell he was yelling for. LOL


Turns out he was right over me yelling for our mother to call 911.


After I finally came to, he explained that he heard me make a loud grunt, then they heard a loud crash. He came to check and when I didn't answer, he knocked in the door and didn't find a good situation.


I fell backwards over the tub wall and smashed my head into the soap dish in the shower. The soap dish almost broke my neck and was pushing my head into my abdomen at a crazy angle. The shower curtain was also trapped over my face. I wasn't breathing and was bleeding profusely from the head.


As he was removing the shower curtain and trying to see if he could safely move me, I began to seizure. He immediately moved me onto the floor and protected me from hurting myself until the seizure stopped and I came to.


When I did come to, I declined any hospital or doctor nonsense. 


They wouldn't let me hunt that afternoon and wouldn't let me drive either. Who am I to argue with that, much more reasonable than what I wanted to do considering the circumstances.


Just thought it was funny how fast it could all end. If I had been alone when that happened, I probably wouldn't be typing this. 


My brother sees this type of stuff all the time with his job and much worse, but it shook him up a little bit. I felt bad, they were both shook up actually. Hate to put people through that. 


I'm still sore as hell even today, but the headaches are going away finally and my neck isn't hurting as much. Seizure must really contract muscles too...Holy hell, I felt like I ran a marathon the next day, all my muscles were so sore.


I never really realized how easy it would be to leave the world though. Glad I didn't. Thank God my brother was there. 


OK, back to talking about hunting. 


Got out three times this week after this nonsense. Hard to focus with the headaches the first day but I passed a young buck Wednesday afternoon, and got skunked the other two times, been slow. 


Should get out for 2-3 days of 6 day just for a change of pace. Might still bring the bow though. I don't know.






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Damn Matty, that sounds crazy.  Please go see a doctor, it isn't nonsense if you want to ensure you live a long and healthier life!  You can't ignore something that severe, like you said, the next time, someone might not be there to prevent what could have happened.  Hope things work out man, scary situation!  Forget the hunting, get to a doctor buddy!

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Damn Matty, I sincerely hope all is well with you now.


Something like that makes a man realize just how brief life actually is.


Episodes like you just experiences makes a man "Carpe Diem" 


Life is short, Gods way of encouraging a bit of focus.


Live everyday as if it were going to be your last; for one day you're sure to be right.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Thanks guys.


Bill, that's exactly what I was getting at! Got to enjoy life and make time for your family and friends. Could all end in such a stupid way...


I feel pretty fine now considering and I hate going to doctors, I'm sure I'll be fine. Seemed isolated.  


I occasionally "fast" now. So I hadn't eaten for two days before and was feeling a bit dehydrated after the morning hunt, so I I broke the fast there with a ton of salty pretzels and a bunch of water about an hour before the event. I had already had salt and water in the AM too though (which is how I usually fast)....The excess salt and water must have sent my blood pressure way up. My brother checked it after he got me seated on the couch and resting and it was pretty high. After a little while I was fine though. I watch my own numbers, bp, hr, bs, etc. 

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15 years ago a friend (39 at the time)passed out. 2 weeks later he had a massive heart attack and died. 6’, 180lbs in great shape. Lifted and ran his entire life. Left a wife and 3kids. He had the same symptoms as you and ignored it because he was young and in shape. No heart health history in his family. Please go see a doctor ASAP.

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