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Sykk Physh 5/18 afternoon 50.22lbs for Trevor 11yrs old

Sykk Physh

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A special thanks to Capt. Joe of Sykk Physh Sportfishing for making my 11 yr old sons first striper trip unforgettable. Even though it was opening day of fluke and sea bass season and the stripers were shut down from all the boat traffic, Capt. Joe found the fish and put my son on a 50 lb striper ! To say my son is now "hooked" on striper fishing would be an understatement.




ok the above statement is from a client.. This afternoon I had Anthony, his son Trevor, Sal, John and big John out for a cold evening of Striper fishing.. After moving the boat to Belmar Friday night and have a very tough start on my morning charter. I was looking forward to the evening fishing.. I run back to the area we had them good on Friday. I made bait in one throw of the net and waited for the magic hour.. I made a few moves and game on for the crew .. Fish blowing up on baits all evening. Best part of the night was having them all to ourselves until it was over.. Trevor's first trip maybe the trip of a lifetime for him his second bass on the tip the scales at 50.22lbs..



Edited by Sykk Physh

Capt. Joe G

Sykk Physh Sportfishing

(732) 239 1404



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Hope he let the big one swim again. Now that would have been the trip of a lifetime, to catch a biggun and let him swim another day.

Paul M. Ross


Coldwell Banker Sales Associate






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