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Checking On Your Cams


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If anyone like me has a cam or cams out now, how many times do you check them?  I'm going once a month, either end of each month or the start of each month. By doing so, I know I won't spook any deer from the area. I'm hoping I get pictures of that big buck I got pictures of last year.....Of course I know bears, bears and more bears will pose for pictures !!!!

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Have 3 out now, check them once a week... Got a couple good bears starting to show up.... tons of does and a few younger bucks, but no thick based bruisers yet though,,,

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Best Gobbler to date; 2012 NWTF score of 77.5
Best Northern Pike to date; 40" (Passaic River Pike )
Best Muskie to date; (The hunt begins)

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