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I Hope This SOB Is Around In 2013


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I got this buck on cam numerous times over two days in very late August 2012, I never saw him while hunting or on cam during the 2012 season, I did have his little buddy come in a few times. I'm hoping he is alive and well and will show himself in 2013











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If he made it thru the season he's gonna be a beast this year. Good luck with him, hope he shows for you.

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Aim Small Miss Small..........No such thing as a bad day spent hunting.

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cous, not really for one I don't really want to disturb the area as it's public land, I do have access to 40 acres to more less anything but hunt, the camera is on the private piece about 80 yds from my stand. also the area is so vast he and his drops can be anywhere........so with that I will let the cam scout for me, if he is still around he will show, I also have on cam and saw while hunting a few that will be shooters this year

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