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Delaware Carping with bonus Bass (4.29.13 - pics)


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Met Capt. Rich & Bill at the ramp at 8pm on Monday and we set off in some adverse conditions with some wind and rain...luckily the rain abbated...butt the water qualiy left much to be desired...


But that never seems to affect us...Rich can always seem to find fish (any kinda fish too!)


We had some good shooting, and Bill quicly learned that bowfishing is harder than it looks!


We took a bunch of carp and 5 snakeheads to boot!


Capt. Rich with a nice Grass Carp...




One of the snakeheads...




The bass we caught in an hour of fishing in very "sporty" conditions the next day after moving Capt. Rich's Yellowfin to it's new home...



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