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Best Group with the New Bow

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I picked up a TradTech Titan II with 50# medium limbs @28”. It’s a bunch heavier than what I was shooting but so far I really like it. I’m waiting on a string from Mountain Muffler strings. However I’ve been fussing with it with the string it has on there and I tied on some dental floss nock points to start figuring out how she’ll wind up in final setup. Anyway... this is my best froup so far. Arrows are slightly under spined but again, I’m waiting on the new string.

15 yards:


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Thanks all. I’m hoping to take it to the woods once my string comes in and I can actually tune it.


Bill, I’m actually looking for longbow limbs for it. Unfortunately they aren’t as popular or as reasonably priced as the recurve limbs. I’m looking tho.

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