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October 2017 Hardy Facepaint Giveaway - WINNER is kenny10177

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Final List of Entries:

Lady Bird
 B B
 Bone collector 85
 Live to Hunt
 Silver Belly62
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Congratulations to the winner kenny10177!

You can PM LPJR for details on how to collect your prize! :up:





Word is if you apply it like this, nice bucks will cross your path!!! :up: :up: :up:

LPJR's son Christopher showing you how it's done with this buck taken just the other day! :up:



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Fixed lol I’m going to do the face paint this year anyway. Never did it. Lou makes it pretty dam cool. How easy is it to clean off


Simple. Hot water and soap. I like this brand because in early bow season when I am sweating it does not come off...

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