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Sponsors Page Added! (Free Listing)


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Alright, I've added a Sponsors link and page for members and sponsors to submit links to their businesses.

This service is currently FREE, and I think it's an excellent opportunity for members to help promote their business while giving other members insight to those fellow members who may be able to provide them with a given service they may be seeking.

With that said, listings DO NOT need to be limited to just fishing and hunting related businesses.

Categories will be added on an as needed basis to add structure to the links section, so please contact me here or via email at admin@njwoodsandwater.com if your business category is not defined yet.

All links are subject to approval after submission in order to appear.

I put up a couple example categories and an example link with banner to help give you an idea of how the links are configured and presented.


If you have any questions, please respond to this thread so all can benefit, or if you'd prefer to discuss privately, you can contact me via PM/email.   :up:

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