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Here goes a long shot


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3rd year turkey hunting, went out sat with my son and another boy scout and didn't get anything. was out today and didn't hear a single bird, past 2 years heard lots of birds where I go not sure what's going on there its state land is there anyone willing to help a fellow hunter out to get his first turkey? im sure ill get the usual wise guys on here with there comments. but I know its a long shot. I took today and tomm off to hunt and can go sats, willing to go and get the permit for any zone that's within and 1 to 1 1/2 hrs from me if anyone can help pm me thanks


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First, welcome to the site!  :welcome:


I don't think you'll get any wise guys here, this is a pretty cool crew of guys who are looking to get away from that type of response and have a genuine interest in helping others.  The site is fairly new, so there might not be anyone in your area of interest, but it's definitely worth asking!  Where exactly are you?  What town/county, so others can get an idea of what's 1-1.5 hours from you?

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