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El Jefe

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I stayed away for a few days and then I could not get in. Then I get in today and find something new or something strange. So, I though I was in the wrong site till I sign in and found out it was the same site. I'm getting too old for changes, is bad enough that I sometimes forget how to start the computer never mind posting pictures. Any way I have to learn again.

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Definitely read through the Getting Started link.  Navigation will take a little while to sink in, it's new for everyone, it's different...it's like being in woods you've never been in before.  After awhile, you'll be walking through it in the dark without a flashlight! :)

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Dude what the hell is going on in the hunting forum world.Stop changing shit jesus.This place the other place seems like every month you have to learn something new.It's makeing me crazy to the point I am going to stick to the pa forums were stuff stays the same.

Hunting and fishing is not a sport to me its a way of life:rock:

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