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New Addition to the Parker Pete Family

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It's official guys , we will have our new boat for the May striped bass run. She is a 35' donelle . Loaded with new electronics Saftey equipment. We will be able to do more offshore fishing , so book your trips now n let's go kill something. We will be moving the boats to Belmar municipal marina on The charter docks

ho d doe 1.jpg

ho d doe 2.jpg

ho d doe 3.jpg

ho d doe 4.jpg

ho d doe 5.jpg

ho d doe 6.jpg

ho d doe 7.jpg

ho d doe 8.jpg

ho d doe 9.jpg

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Yeah Baby - cant wait to get these decks bloody!!! Petey, I hope you dont mind me having my office phone transferred to the boat, do ya? LOL


Gang - this deal has been in the works for some time and Pete has done a good job of keeping the lid on things until it was a done deal. I have fished the boat before and it is RIDICULOUSLY spacious and comfortable! Anyone who gets on board here is in for a tremendous treat. When you couple the comfort of this beast with the unquestionable fish-finding skill of Pete and his crew you are in for a hell of a day. I look forward to sharing the rail with lots of you this season!!!

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