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New to turkey hunting

Rutting Buck

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So this is going to be my first turkey season, but I have been hunting deer for over 20 years. My problem is that I'm color blind (red-green deficient) and I have been studying how to tell the difference between males & females. It seemed pretty self explanatory until I read that sometimes hens are bearded. So is my best bet to look for the lack of feathers on the neck area?

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Most of the time, the toms will be bigger. While hens can be bearded, its not incredibly common and the beard will be very small compared to what you'd see on a gobbler. Its also likely you'll see the gobblers strutting. Overall, the males feathers have a more iridescent look to them , and hens are more dull.

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Is it legal to shoot a bearded hen in Jersey? I was turkey hunting in Delaware this week and had a bearded hen come in to me with 2 gobblers. I shot one of the gobblers because I wasn't sure if I could shoot the hen. My buddy told me later that the hen was legal since she had the beard and that I should of shot her since it's rare to see a bearded hen.

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