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old pic of grandfather with harvest

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I finally found these pics of my grandfather with his hunting buddies. He is the one on the left with the bunnies and on the right holding the deer. I counted at least 12 rabbits and 6 cock birds. I love these pics that are over 70 years old. He started me hunting when I was 12 as he loved rabbit hunting. He raised beagles and belonged to a beagle club out in Pennington, NJ. LET'S JUST SAY HE GOT ME HOOKED ON HUNTING. Glad I found em.:cool:

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The fella second from the left is wearing a tie lol.


Man how things have changed in 70 years. Great photo :up:


The guy holding the deer with my grandfather also has a tie on. They did that kind of stuff back them. Crazy, now we wear the camo and face paint?


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