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Otter Box, Great Customer Service


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I've got the Otter Box Armor series. Put my phone in it a month ago and haven't opened the case since. Works great and in I believe better than when I had no protection. I can't explain it other than it keeps the right distance for the speaker and mic. Also had it submerged as per instructions to make sure it wasn't received damaged and no problems. A great product for sure.

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Thanks for the heads up...

I have a damaged Otter case from one of my Blackberry cells.

The case saved my phone and took the hit on a concrete floor.

Great product, nice to see there service is top notch too.

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Lastnight while sitting on the deck with my wife and kids my daughter took the phone out of the holster and breaking the clip, I filled out the on-line instructions for a replacement and got the email today that the new holster is being shipped out FREE !!

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:rofl: Broke the clip that holds the phone into the holster the other day, I must be the only person who has broken it three times this year :rofl:   But the replacement is simple and free from OtterBox !!!!!


My wife dropped her Galaxy S3 this past Saturday thank GOD we had insurance, the screen was fully cracked, the Verizon Wireless store wanted $50.00 for the OtterBox Defender, screw that Amazon.com $30.00

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