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Anyone Try This Call?


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Watch the video here with Michael Waddell... Seems it might be good for people that can't use diaphragms or for beginners. I've been thinking about getting one to see if it helps me with purring because I suck when it comes to purring.



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I get birds to reply back just can't seem to have them within shooting range I need all the help


I thought you posted last week that you called in a big Tom? What kind of call are you using? You're probably over calling. Put the birds to bed and catch them coming off the roost in the morning' date=' before they get the chance to hen up.


Thanks for the offer Cous, very nice of you, but I want/need to do it on my own......

Take him up on his offer or go out with someone that knows what they're doing,listen to them and learn,ask questions like why they're calling the way they are.

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I was calling and called in a nice TOM last week near my home, no hunting allowed, birds aren't pressured at all. But where I do hunt them (public land) they are very pressured.


Also I was hunting with someone who called in numerous birds for me and I killed them, which was fun, but just want to do it on my own. I agree I maybe over calling more then I think

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