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Special Order Firearms From Cabela's


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In the past I had made a special order for a shotgun from Cabela's cause I had at the time $800 in gift cards, and didn't have a problem doing so.


Here I am once more with $800 in gift cards and would like to order another shotgun, that they didn't have at the store last week. So I made a request for a special order and they would get back to me within 48 hrs with a price, and other information per their special order posting. Well a few days go by, I'm thinking with the holiday I will give them a few days more. I called today, and they tell me I would have to go to the store to special order it, I explained to them that the store isn't down the street from me, and that I have done a special order firearm in the past, once the gun's price is known, and other info is known I give a deposit and wait to get the phone call for pick up. I guess I will use the gift card for other things and purchase from Dick's Sporting Goods price is $700 from them and needs to be ordered or just call Jim Flynn.

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already got a reply Cabela's from a email I sent out after my phone call:


Thank you for contacting Cabela's! I'm sorry, due to rapidly changing inventory levels for firearms industry wide, we are not able to process requests on the phone or by email at this time. Please visit one of our retail stores in person to make a purchase, check on availability, and pricing. We do not have access to inventory levels on firearms. With the high demand, we are unable to hold merchandise at this time. Because of the high demand we are not taking orders for firearms as well and all firearms are being sold on a first come first served basis within our retail store. If we can be of further assistance or if you have any further questions please let us know!


Thank you for visiting cabelas.com and come back soon!



Skyler P.


We are here for you 24/7!


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you used to be able to pick out any one online at cabelas and have it shipped to the store of your choice. if you noticed online now there is a disclaimer that you now need to order from the store itself. I called up cust scv to voice my displeasure as a signature card holder and was told some BS script its because of gun availabilty,blah,blah

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I normally wouldn't buy from them for the most part the prices for guns are over priced unless they are on sale. But the last gun I got was a Remington 11-87 SPS rifled/cantlilever barrel 20ga. at the the time the gun was hard to find and even Cabela's was having a hard time locating one, a few weeks go by and they got it on order from Remington, the production line was down for annual upgrades is what I was told by both Cabelas and Remington but I was using them cause I had $800 in gift cards. So I paid for it in full with gift cards, minus the tax and NICS which I paid for upon pick up, no problem easy transaction.


I'm in no rush for a new shotgun, I want either a Mossberg 935, or a Remington 11-87 Super Mag it will be used for turkey hunting only, it can be used if they had what I wanted at a fair price, I was there last week, they had a used Mossberg 935 camo a few years old but they wanted $550, and they had to Winchester SX3 turkey shotguns one was $900, the other was $1100, I really liked those but the price was way to much for a shotgun I will use a few times per spring. My Mossberg 835 is just fine, and getting my Mossberg 500 20ga. dipped tomorrow, got the choke tube and ammo just have to pattern it.


If there was something new in the Slug gun world I may opt for that

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