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Garage sale find


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Hidden in a garage for nearly three decades, this might be the biggest nontypical whitetail ever found. The entire story behind this deer is amazing.


The whitetail world is buzzing with excitement over what stands to be the biggest nontypical buck ever produced in North America.


News of the deer leaked today when Casey Sullivan, a big-buck enthusiast from Wisconsin, submitted this photo to Deer & Deer Hunting of a mounted deer head his dad bought for him in a garage sale.


“My dad is a Stump Sitter from way back,” Sullivan said. “He knew this deer had historical significance the moment he laid eyes on it.”


The incredible whitetail, sporting more than 50 scorable points, was allegedly shot in northern Wisconsin in the 1980s. A hand-written note taped to the back of the mount reads, “Price County. Grandpa Nick.”


“As you can imagine, my dad was absolutely amazed,” Sullivan added. “The lady who was having the garage sale only wanted $10 for the ‘dusty old thing,’ as she described it. My dad gave her a twenty and told her to keep the change.”


Sullivan said he immediately put a tape to the antlers to find out exactly how big the buck was.


“I came up with 341 and some change, but I thought I must have made an error. So I scored it again, and came up with 340. I figured I must have been doing something wrong, so I took it to my buddy, who is a taxidermist and an official scorer. He came up with 342-4/8 inches.


“I’m still in shock. We’re going to have to have this thing measured again, I think. The photos of this thing do not do it justice.”


If those initial scores are anywhere close to being accurate, the buck would be a new world record. For years, the biggest nontypical whitetail in North America has been credited to a deer found dead in Missouri in 1981. Known as the “Missouri Monarch,” that deer nets 333-7/8 inches.


Of course, the Missouri Monarch was found dead near a road. It was not found on April 1.



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