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Whats Your Favorite Production Hunting Rifle?


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When it comes to production hunting rifles what is your favorite?


I have two:


Winchester Model 70 Pre-64


Sako model Hunter


both in .30-06, love that caliber, but so many other calibers to choose from. I also have a Remington 700 BDL SS in .300 Win Mag, great gun but the quality isn't like the Pre-64 or the Sako

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my savage

stainless/synthetic stock



then my savage

blue/synthetic stock


with bipod

United Bowhunters of New Jersey

New Jersey Fur Harvester
New Jersey Trappers Association
National Trappers Association
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Savage rifles are like Mossberg shotguns, they are not the best looking guns, they may even feel sloppy, but they get the job done, and take a beating. My friend's wife wants to get into hunting, they live hunt in Northern Florida, I told him last week look into a Savage in 7mm-08 for her, perfect deer caliber with little recoil

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Weatherby Ultralightweight in .257 Wby mag.

Mine did have some work done: Cerakote, pillar and glass bedding, trigger job, free floating barrel, etc.

Light, impervious to the elements, flat shooting, accurate, little recoil. It's my go-to gun for any animal up to the 500lb. range.

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Remington Model 700 in 30-06.............I have 3 of them. Great shooters out of the box. Even better with a little work. Mine all have barrel's free floated, glass bedded, and triggers lightened. Put bullets threw same hole on a rest at 100 yds

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